As mentioned above, it’s the mind’s habit to behave like a wild monkey. We are constantly distracted by the six sense impressions .Someone walks past the window and we automatically glance over; the phone makes a sound and we have to check immediately whether we’ve received a message. This has been going on since the moment of our birth. Such a long-standing habit cannot be changed from one day to the next. The important thing is simply to start, and not to get fixed on a specific outcome. It’s like doing sport. If you’ve never jogged before, it’s very tedious at the beginning. You can only manage a short distance, and then you have to walk again. But the most important thing is to do it, even jogging for five minutes is better than nothing. As you practice, it becomes easier to focus your mind, and soon a sense of joy arises. The effort is already the meditation, even if many thoughts appear again and again. Nevertheless, regular meditation already has a positive effect, which in time will become stronger.

Furthermore, the practice of mindfulness in everyday life also helps to deepen the quality of meditation.

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