• Student of Medicine and Sinology in Göttingen
  • Two years working as a surgeon
  • 1998 Ordination as a nun under Master Thích Nhất Hạnh
  • 2001 Bhiksuni-ordination
  • Six years living at Plum Village Monastery, France
  • 2004 Moved to Chung Tai Chan Monastery in Taiwan to study under Chan Master Wei Chueh
  • A total of 14 years living in monasteries of the Chung Tai community in Taiwan
  • Six years of studies in Chinese at the Buddhist Institute of Chung Tai Chan Monastery
  • Triple Platform Ordination with Bodhisattva Vows
  • Simultaneous translation of lectures given by the Chan Master and other monks and nuns (Languages: German, Chinese, English)
  • Member of the Buddhist Sutra Translation Committee in Chung Tai
  • Teaching meditation and Buddhist philosophy to English-speaking visitors
  • One-month solitary meditation retreat in the high mountains of Taiwan
  • Since 2018 Head of the Miao Fa Centre, Berlin

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