In his enlightenment the Buddha overcame all suffering, realized the absolute truth in life and reached a state of ultimate bliss. ‘Buddha’ means ‘the aware one’, he realized complete awareness. He further saw that everyone has the capacity to attain the same state, but because people have deluded thoughts and attachments, they are not in touch with their own awareness, or their own Buddha nature, as it is also called.

Buddhism is about experiencing one’s true self and gaining wisdom, rediscovering absolute awareness and cultivating compassion. Along the way, it is important to recognize your own negative habits and patterns of thinking. Finding and transforming greed, anger and ignorance, which in Buddhism are called “The Three Poisons”, leads to contentment, serenity and happiness. Being mindful of yourself, others and nature. Always knowing the way is the goal. The Buddhist path is a journey of transformation, a way of cultivating the mind.

Buddha, Dharma and Sangha are called “The Three Jewels”. Buddha is not a god. He is a teacher who helps people on their way through life. He has passed on his personal knowledge in the form of a philosophy of life. His teachings and methods are known as the Dharma. The Sangha is the community of monks and nuns who follow and teach these teachings without being distracted by worldly life. In an expanded sense, all Buddhist practitioners are part of the Sangha. Within the community, the individual, along with others, develops his understanding of the Dharma.

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